Music Releases

Pompidou (HP001)
by G.rizo
10" Vinyl + Digital EP
1. Boys (Original Version) 04:36
2. Pompidou
"Pompidou" was recorded in the Summer of 2007 in Paris, on Rue Quaicompoix - a few doorsteps down from Centre Pompidou. It was here that a little spaghetti western came back to life, in one funny afternoon. Here we have Sasa on production duties, while G.rizo takes care of the school girl rhymes.         
Released July 30, 2010

Credits: Produced by Sasa Crnobrnja; Lyrics written and Performed by G.rizo; Graphic Design by Maximilian Salesse

Boys (HP002)
by G.rizo
12" Vinyl + Digital EP

1. Boys (Original Version) 04:36
2. Boys (Egyptian Lover - Euro Remix) 06:02
3. Boys (Dinamics Remix) 05:38

Boys is an undeniable “hormonal howl”* that makes you want to get down on your knees! Lascivious and lyrically over-the-top, it grooves to a broken-toy funk. Ring-tone staccatto-synths meet James Brown horn stabs, Tyco samples and hysterical vocals on a boisterous jalopy that gallops somewhere between dance and pop.

On the remix tip, Electro pioneer Egyptian Lover accepts the G.rizo Boys invitation and comes with the lube. Adding his Midas touch - classic dirty bass with deep, sweet melodies - this remix is guaranteed to set off some late night booty grinds. And on the flip, Dinamics, a fine young upstart from Paris (and member of the Citizen Records crew) contributes a pumping, electro-Chicago house remix that will burn on the dance-floor.
Released March 15, 2011

Credits: Produced and performed by G.rizo. Additional bass and arp synths by Sasa Crnobrnja. Vocals recorded by Manfred Salner at Semper Depot, Vienna. Mixed by Donovan (Nicolas Nekmoüche & David Said). Mastered by P.Pulsinger at Feedback Studios, Vienna. Graphic Design by Maximilian Salesse.
Autonomy EP (HP003)
by G.rizo
12" Vinyl + Digital EP

1. Autonomy (Original Version) (Produced by Donovans) 04:32
2. Autonomy (G.rizo LHS Remix) 05:50
3. Autonomy (Ben Mono Remix) 05:14
4. Autonomy (Group Niob Remix) 06:08
5. Autonomy (Elektro Guzzi Remix) 07:11
6. Autonomy Instrumental (Ben Mono Remix) 05:06

"Autonomy" is a marching, techno-meets-hip hop vocal track, characterized by a dystopian bass line, which ascends to suffocating levels before pitching down dramatically. Break neck speed hi hats and fat pressure-cooking kicks drive the song, serving up a rich, forceful attitude. G.rizo goes for impact with her swift rapping, riding on the beat and aiming to "bring back the boogie!" Born of a meeting between G.rizo and Donovans (Nicolas Nekmoüche & David Said), during those heady days of Myspace circa 2007/8, "Autonomy" has survived that era due to its authentic and pure, visceral punch.
"Autonomy" remixes offer a stylistic variety, generously provided by musical allies (and brilliant producers) who truly embed their own signature to the track and collectively create an expansive vision: Berlin's Ben Mono goes back to the 90's, with a Trax Records-style homage (there is also a Ben Mono instrumental version). Group Niob's monsta-dark tune, waxes nostalgic too, while pushing a modern bass-heavy dance-floor agenda.
Elektro Guzzi, the 3-man live techno band, takes the song into a distorted-disco-dub zone, driven by hard grooves and hand played precision. Finally, G.rizo's LHS remix (featuring Dominik Traun on synths and Jakob Schneidewind on bass) focuses on another kind of funk - heavy dripping in synthesizer spasticity and supported by live bass.

Released December 10, 2012
A1. “Autonomy (Original Mix)” produced by Donovans. Written and performed by Ihu Anyanwu, Nicolas Nekmouche and David Säid.
A2. “Autonomy (G.rizo LHS Remix),” remix and additional production by Ihu Anyanwu. Additional live instruments by Dominik Traun (keyboards/synths) and Jakob Schneidewind (bass). “Vocals and instruments recorded and song mixed by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studio Vienna.
A3. “Autonomy (Ben Mono Remix),” remix and additional production by Paul Beller.
B1. “Autonomy (Elektro Guzzi Remix),” remix and additional production by Jakob Schneidewind, Bernie Hammer, and Bernhard Breuer. Vocals recorded and song mixed by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studios Vienna.
B2. “Autonomy (Group Niob Remix),” remix and additional production by Gerhard Potuznik and Martin Dibek.
Mastered by Helmut Erler @ Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Graphic Design by Luisa Franz Kleopatra.
Active Methods EP (HP004)
by G.rizo
12" Vinyl + Digital EP

The Active Methods EP is a short excursion in texture and active methodology - G.rizo style. This eclectic brew features the upbeat and vivacious "It's Happening," the asymmetric electro of "Catnip," and also the down-tempo, soulful hymn "Hold On." The EP is supported further by a sultry house remix of "Its Happening" by Vienna-based producer, Sam Irl.

Opening track "It's Happening" perfectly fits its intention: to fire up the party and get going right from the start. The whirling synth organ, tight bass, and fresh rhymes are supported by a staccato, frenetic synth hook (courtesy of Jimmy Edgar's " Hot Raw Sex"). Featuring G.rizo Band: Dominik Traun on keyboard, Jakob Schneidewind on bass, vocalist Derek Roberts and G.rizo on vocals and production, the track has been gigged many times and proven as a crowd favorite.

Catnip is a solo electro lullaby about hearing a favorite song for the first time. Using different vocals effects, G.rizo humorously describes the ecstatic feeling she gets when she hears a special song, as she says "its electronically composed of raw hUMaN emOtiON, thatʼs why we call it Catnip!"

Sam Irl comes into the fold by adding his elegant remix of "It's Happening." The track stridently thumps, with tom-tom breaks and open hi hats, while sweet digital keys give it finesse. Its got that head nod and fancy footwork quality down, yet still good for easy listening.

"Hold On" is the wild card on the b-side and is a bit out of character as far G.rizo songs. After the party, is the come down and "Hold On" is slow and rumbling, twisting and anxious, itʼs the silent shout. The hook emerged from the first live gig (improvised session) between Dominik Traun and G.rizo which was at Otto Mueller's Sammlung Friedrichshof (outside Vienna). Something was in the air. With “Hold On” the message is clear, but itʼs a murky march – needing and demanding to be heard.
Released June 9, 2014
A1. "Its Happening (Original Mix)" produced by G.rizo. Vocals and Lyrics by G.rizo & Derek Roberts. Keyboards by Dominik Traun. Bass by Jakob Schneidewind. Live Percussions by G.rizo. Contains portions of "Hot Raw Sex" as performed by Jimmy Edgar, used by permission of Jimmy Edgar. Recorded and Mixed by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studios, Vienna.
A2. "Catnip" written, produced and performed by G.rizo. Additional percussion by Mike Silver.
B1. "Its Happening (Sam Irl Remix)" remix and additional production by Sam Irl.
B2. Hold On produced by Ro8ox the Shice. Vocals, lyrics and vocal arrangement by G.rizo. Recorded and mixed by Ro8ox the Shice at 237, Vienna and Oliver Brunbauer at Feedback Studios, Vienna. Mastered by Helmut Erler. Graphic Design by Dicey Studios. Thanks: C.Fladung & S.Goscinski.

Those Were The Days EP (HP005)
by Kyle & The Effusions
12" Vinyl + Digital EP

1.Those Were The Days (Original) 04:13
2.Those Were The Days (AKAJK Remix) 06:47
3.Those Were The Days (Legowelt Remix) 06:23

Kyle & The Effusions - "Those Were The Days" is for anyone who longs for the "good ole days" - here is one momento for a certain time and place. Taking this classic, universal song written by Gene Raskin and made famous by Mary Hopkins, Kyle & The Effusions tune into the frequencies of the "naughties" electro scene via New York City - and itʼs hard not to get sentimental!

Kyle & The Effusions are Elliot Taub (DJ Ulysses, Neurotic Drum Band), Hillary Snyder (Fischerspooner) and Ihu Anyanwu (G.rizo). We recorded this as a one- off project back in 2005. Nice remixes by AKAJK & Legowelt.
Released November 10, 2014

Credits: Copyright : Gene Raskin
Publishing : Essex Music Inc, Hezekina Pollutina
Producer : Kyle & The Effusions: Elliot Taub, Hillary Snyder, Ihu Anyanwu
Remixed by: Legowelt, AKAJK
Composer : Gene Raskin
Vocals by Ihu Anyanwu
Graphic Design & Illustration by Lukas Weidinger @ Müeslimachinery, Leipzig
Crude Vacation (HP006)
by Buenoventura
12" Vinyl + Digital EP

"Crude Vacation" by Buenoventura is the first solo release of Bernhard Hammer, who has been exploring electronic music intensely since co-founding the Viennese techno-band "Elektro Guzzi" in 2006. The EP features 3 original dance tracks with a nautical theme: the arpeggio- laden Funky House of "About," the call-of-the-wild jam that is "Nassau" and the groovy depth of "Brightwork." The EP is solidly supported by a 90's Detroit-house style remix of "Nassau" by Vienna-based American producer, Altroy.

"Crude Vacation" is distinct in its emphasis on polyrhythmic synth sounds alongside straight groove structures. The resultant complex textures, aided by the use of edgy analog sounds, reveal a spatial sensibility that offers added value to the traditional techno and house dance track. Here, as with Elektro Guzzi, Buenoventura uses the guitar to create synthetic sounding rhythmic patterns, layers, drones and glitch sounds.

This experimental approach to synthesis is obvious in the firmly dance floor leaning "About" where the guitar sounds have been sent through effects and come out superlatively raw, dancing against the tight Roland Juno 106 bass line. Layered guitars travel - moving forward, hovering, screeching, retreating, disappearing - building heat and tension, as the bass line holds the groove down throughout the whole track.

"Nassau" pushes the polyrhythmic experimentation up a few freaky notches, by offering a gang of interweaving textures and patterns, all flexing for attention at 128bpm. It is a rhythmic clash that has 'native intelligence' embedded into its algorithmic structure. Most impressive are the strange, abstract drones and glitch sounds - reminiscent of nautical nature itself, like sea creatures and hidden beings communicating from beyond. "Nassau" is the sound of cells splitting, shape-shifting, birth and decay, the process of nature creating, ant armies, bacteria, transformation - all these minuscule details that we don't see but that are happening. To DJs who want to add ginger to their sets - here is a bold option to the standard 4/4 filler.

On "Brightwork," the guitar stays on the menu as one can hear in the muted guitar picking in the intro and outro. The guitar riff forms a starting point to create warm, deep and groovy tones, setting the mood of the adventure. The term `brightwork' itself refers to the polished metal fittings
and ornaments found on board ships, and in a similar fashion, the twinkling high frequency pads and effects play an important role in re-balancing and complimenting the deep, chunky bass. "Brightwork" is an imaginary dive down the deep blue - chill and meditative.

The "Nassau (Altroy Remix)" busts a mean groove from the onset, taking no prisoners as it gallops down a 90's style Detroit jackin' highway. Champagne high-hats buzz forming a saucy base for rhythm essentials. For the remix, Altroy took influences from Juan Atkins or `Cab Drivers 90's style grooves - a combination of UK style melodies and Detroit Jackin. The result? Those innocent sea creatures from Nassau make a return, while getting corrupted by unapologetic pumping kicks, and speed. No holds barred. Night crawlers and black-walled after-hour aficionados will appreciate and "recognize the real."
Released May 23, 2016

Credits: HP006 © (P) Bernhard Hammer 2016 “About,” “Nassau,” & “Brightwork” | All Rights Reserved. © (P) Nassau (Atroy Remix) published & administered by Hezekina Pollutina Records 2016 | | | All Rights Reserved.