G.rizo is your Mixtress-in-Residence, and she along with her guests bring you House, Techno, Disco, Funk and Beats from the worldwide underground.


20/3/21: House x House x House Podcast Episode VI, Aldeen, Evamic Nzei, G.rizo; Nigerian Music Special with DJ Afrologic & DJ Ray Bee Brown - COMMON MULTIVERSE Special (COMING SOON)

For episode #6, which took place at COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE we presented a 2-day live stream programme: DJ sets by residents G.rizo, Aldeen and Evamic Nzei; an ambient live set by Abuja-based musician Chile; a house dance workshop by Oluwabukunmi Olukitibi and podcast DJ sets inspired by Nigerian dance music of the 70s and 80's featuring DJs Afrologic and DJ Ray Bee Browne. 



8/3/21: House x House x House Podcast Episode V, Buenoventura, G.rizo, Cold Groove


On this episode #005, our guest DJ is Buenoventura aka Bernhard Hammer bit.ly/Buenoventura - a Vienna-based electronic musician and DJ.

And according to his bio, he is the son of a Danube ship navigator and a striptease dancer. Wow! After school he decided to follow his father´s path and to become a sailor, moving to Nassau (Bahamas), where he lived for 10 years. He started to play guitar and this became, besides shipping, his second passion. Since a few years he has been back in Vienna, where he is working as a musician and karate coach.

Rumour has it that he is also guitarist in the live techno band Elektro Guzzi. In 2016, Buenoventura released a debut EP “Crude Vacation” on Hezekina Pollutina Records. Check it out on Bandcamp, link here: buenoventura.bandcamp.com

For his DJ mix he combines some of his own tracks, small loop/groove-snippets, with his favorite techno-tracks - looping parts of the original tracks to expand the build-up of the music. And I’d say its pretty pounding and rhythmic! Check it out!

After that, there's a bonus G.rizo DJ mix "Cold Groove" featuring some sultry House ballads including tunes by Roy Davis Jr, Trax Inc, Crazy P and Azari III. I hope you like it!


9/30/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode IV, SoundOfXee, Jackie Queens, G.rizo


Episode #004 is a South African special, featuring 2 Johannesburg based artists: Jackie Queens and Sound of Xee.

Jackie Queens bit.ly/JackieQueens IG is a Zimbabwean born, South African based songwriter and vocalist who is disrupting the status quo of the music industry's perspective on the role women play in its success. Her powerful presence in both artistry and business has her firmly placed as the doyen of African female voices in electronica.

Garnering support from the likes of Black Coffee, while collaborating with rising talent such as Enoo Napa and Da Capo sees Jackie Queens cutting a formidable profile in positions that often leave featured artists as unnamed voices or shadowy silhouettes for their contributions.

Sound of Xee bit.ly/GYSMixcloud bit.ly/SoundofXeeIG
is a Johannesburg based DJ, curator and music producer and head of South Africa’s online radio rising star Globalize Yourself Stereo which was co founded with Red Bull Mobile Austria and is syndicated on German online radio platforms Rautemusik FM and We Love House FM. and FM 4 in Austria.

Over the years Sound of Xee has been a staple in the SA underground scene, with appearances at legendary Deep House monuments like Deluxe, 2015’s Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and in 2018 as live electronic duo Xee & CodeKid. He’s also played along side Floating Points in a once off event at Guga S’thebe in the Township of Langa Cape Town.

Xee has also toured extensively with Globalize Yourself Stereo, from playing in Barcelona during Sonar Off-Week in 2014 and also multiple appearances at Viennese super club Pratersauna and Lighthouse Festival in Porec Croatia in 2015 and 2016 and numerous other venues in Austria, Turkey and Germany. He recently started his own artist run music festival series called Native Frequencies with Kwaito legends Alaska headlining the last event on Freedom Day 2019.

And I’ve got lots of new tunes by DJ Bemi, Stefan Ringer feat. Ash Lauren, Joyce Muniz feat. G.rizo, John Di Maria and more.

 Hope you enjoy it!


8/8/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode III, Helena Eribenne, A Jackin Phreak, Evamic


Episode #3 of House x House x House Podcast is here! This show was recorded in June 2020, a few days into the global “Black Lives Matter” protests related to the murder of George Floyd - an African American who’s brutal murder by a white police officer was broadcasted online.

Against this backdrop of social unrest and Covid19 quarantine, I interviewed Vienna-based multi-disciplinary artist and vocalist Helena Eribenne (earthzoneproductions.com) and French producer A Jackin Phreak (Arnaud). The two bonded as music friends over the internet. Arnaud was a fan of Helena’s via her involvement with S’Xpress - one of UK’s first house music chart topping acts, that debuted in 1989.

In this interview, Helena fills us in on her experience as a clubber and artist in the early days of house music in London, while Arnaud lets us in on his obsession with acid house. And of course, due to the unique moment, we all share perspectives on ongoing discourse around systemic racism and colonialism.

Helena and Arnaud have collaborated and recently released a beautiful acid house single “Tidalwave” out now on Bandcamp (ajackinphreak.bandcamp.com/releases) and online stores with remixes by Stefan Braatz, Low Profiler, and Skat.

Our DJ guest is Lagos-based Evamic Nzei (instagram.com/evamicnzei), a resident DJ at House x House x House. He’s also a producer and currently a resident DJ at Hot FM Lagos. His mixtape is a classic “deep house” mix dedicated to house’s Black American roots: featuring first and second wave producers from Chicago and Detroit including Mr. Fingers, Larry Heard, Virgo 4, Patrice Scott and others.

And I’m knocking out tunes by Recloose, Vienna Wildstyle, Doc Link, Basic Soul Unit and DJ Pierre.

So tune in this Saturday for some of the finest house, techno, disco and funk, broadcasted to you from under the palm trees and sultry nights of Abuja, Nigeria


16/5/20: House House House Podcast - Episode II, feat. Snax, TJ Hicks, G.rizo


Episode #2: Joining me for a deeply funky house DJ set is TJ Hicks - a Vienna-based house and techno DJ/ producer, and head of Minimal Soul Records & MSR Distro (minimalsoul.com).

And, we’ll also have an artist interview featuring Snax - a Berlin-based funk and house music keyboardist, singer and producer. He also runs Random Records (randomrecords2.bandcamp.com).

I’m also slinging some brand new tunes by BANTU featuring Seun Kuti, Afroschnitzel, Portable & Box Office Poison.


11/4/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode I, featuring G.rizo, Aldeen, DJ Sam Zeal and Evamic Nzei DJ Set  - Premiere Episode (4 Hour Special) 

Welcome to the Premiere Episode of House x House x House!! For this 4 hour session, I came with my Abuja crew, the resident DJ's that turn up the House x House x House namely: Aldeen (Bushbar Sessions), DJ Sam Zeal and Evamic Nzei (Yemoja House/Hot FM Lagos).


11/4/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode I, Evamic Nzei DJ Set  - Premiere Episode (4 Hour Special) 

11/4/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode I, Aldeen DJ Set - Premiere Episode (4 Hour Special) 

11/4/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode I, DJ Sam Zeal Set - Premiere Episode (4 Hour Special) 

11/4/20: House x House x House Podcast Episode I, G.rizo DJ Set - Premiere Episode (4 Hour Special)