House x House x House

Under the palm trees and sultry nights of Abuja, Nigeria, an intriguing assemblage of humans groove as one. It must be "House x House x House!"

House x House x House is an Abuja house music party and has been one of the originator events at the helm of laying solid roots for the budding Nigerian house and electronic music scene. 

House x House x House! A declaration from the chest!

We pledge allegiance to dance music rooted in the traditions of Black American soul and disco, from the warehouses and clubs of Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Detroit - the sound that stormed Europe and England, influencing what we call modern club music today.

A recurring, intimate soiree, it happens in a private house in Maitama, Abuja - where pumping beats pierce harmattan breeze! Over 4 years it has become a "home" and meeting point for the growing dance music scene comprised of resident DJs, house dancers, and enthusiastic party guests.

House x House x House occurs mainly during the dry season from November to June each year. Resident DJs include G.rizoAldeen, and Evamic Nzei. We also regularly welcome PastaDJ Sam Zeal, and others. All are local DJs, with different styles of expression from funky, soulful, minimal, afro, classic to breaks. 

From the beginning, our intention has been to lay down house music roots in the right way, expanding musical palettes and bring people together. Sonic-wise, we aim to explore the roots of house music while accenting with various sub-genres. Eventually, we would like to showcase local productions and performances which will aid in developing an authentic, organic Nigerian house sound. 

With a limited capacity of 200 people, House x House x House, is an intimate affair, where friends bring friends; and strangers become connected. Our guests are truly unique - a curated mix of people from different social strata, professions and nationalities. What unites us is the music and the attitude - which is open and ready to groove.

In 2022 - our 4th year, we welcomed familiar faces, and new ones, on the dance floor. We also successfully launched a membership program for our guests' maximal benefit and convenience.

House x House x House is curated and produced by G.rizo via her label and event production company Hezekina Pollutina Ltd.


 First Flyer - November 9th, 2018