House x House x House

You may find out about an intimate house music soiree going on - in a private house in Maitama, where pumping beats pierce harmattan breeze. Under the palm trees and sultry nights of Abuja, Nigeria, an assemblage of free spirits groove as one. It must be "House x House x House!" 

House x House x House. A declaration - from the chest. How else can we pledge allegiance to the style of dance music that is rooted in the traditions of Black American soul and disco? Rooted, also, in the pulsation of Black queer liberation? From the warehouses and clubs of Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Detroit, the sound that took over Europe and England, founding what we call modern club music today? 

Fast forward to contemporary Nigeria, and the capital Abuja, where electronic music is generally considered "foreign" - House x House x House, serves as a breath of fresh air. It is an elegant respite, and a social and musical alternative to the mainstream. Laying down dance music roots in the right way, to expand mind frames, and join together, that is our intention.

The first party occurred in November 2018, in order to welcome and book a visiting out of town DJ. What happened as a one-off and a show of DJ camaraderie, has become a "home" and meeting point for our budding house music scene comprised of resident DJs, house dancers, and enthusiastic party guests.

House x House x House happens seasonally - during the dry harmattan from December to April each year. Resident DJs include G.rizo, Aldeen, and Evamic Nzei. We also regularly welcome Pasta, DJ Sam Zeal, and others. All local DJs, with different styles of expression from funky, soulful, minimal, afro, classic to breaks. 

With a limited capacity of 200 people, House x House x House, is an intimate affair, where friends bring friends; and strangers become connected. Our guests are  truly unique - a curated mix of people from different social strata and nationalities. What unites us is the music and the attitude - which is open and ready to groove.


As we move into our 4th year, we are looking forward to meeting again on the dance floor, familiar faces as well as new ones. Expect a few upgrades by way of introducing a new membership program for maximal benefits and convenience.



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