About Us

Welcome to Hezekina Pollutina!

"In order to make a flute, you have to carve the wood and make it hollow. If you consider the wood to be a living thing, the carving of the wood is a painful process. But at the end what is shaped creates a beautiful, unique sound."

** That is our mission – Cosmic Carving!

Owned and operated by G.rizo, 
Hezekina Pollutina Ltd. is an electronic music label and a music and art event production company, based in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria. Brands include: Hezekina Pollutina Records, House x House x House, Naija Tech Creatives and Abuja Art Week.

Hezekina Pollutina started out in Vienna in 2010 as a record label for G.rizo's self-produced releases. The label has also released projects by Buenoventura (a solo project by Bernhard Hammer of Elektro Guzzi) and Kyle & The Effusions (a collaborative single between DJ Ulysses and Hillary Snyder with vocals by G.rizo).

From day one Hezekina Pollutina has been fortunate to have hosted a stellar cast of international remixers from including Egyptian Lover, Legowelt, AKAJK, Altroy, Sam Irl, Ben Mono, Elektro Guzzi, Group Niob and Dinamics.

In addition to releases, the music label has also produced label nights in Vienna and Abuja featuring live performances and DJ sets by artists such as Forne LIVE, Fritz Plöckinger, Maxipanic, DJ Prohaska, /DL/MS/ LIVE, Buenoventura, Giuseppe Leonardi, TJ Hicks, Binär LIVE, G.rizo LIVE, Anna Leiser  DJ, Tonica Hunter DJ, Lumplecker, Tay Iwar LIVE, Moët LIVE, Bernhard Tobola and Tibcurl.

Since 2017, Hezekina Pollutina has been producing music and art events in Nigeria. The first event was a label night in Abuja at Casalinda Hotel with G.rizo and Tay Iwar headlining. By November 2018, the first "House x House x House" occurred as an intimate house music party taking place at a private location in Maitama in order to accommodate an out of town DJ. Since then the event has been going on seasonally during the harmattan with resident DJs G.rizo, Aldeen, Evamic Nzei and others. 

Seeing an opportunity within the budding art sector in Nigeria, in 2019 G.rizo founded Naija Tech Creatives, a Nigeria-based Art+Tech community; and Abuja Art Week - 5 days of curated exhibitions, talks, workshops, screenings and music events at various locations across the city.

Hezekina Pollutina Records is gearing up to resume releasing music haven taken a 6 year pause. G.rizo is headed back to the studio as well as preparing different music for release. And now that Hezekina Pollutina is fully operating in Nigeria, plans are underway to also release local artists who can offer something unusual and vast.

There's a lot to forward to in this next chapter. Cheers to the future!